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Getting tired of the Banks?
Cryptocurrency / November 17th, 2017 6:32 am     A+ | a-


Now a days people lost faith in banks, as they barely give any interest. Landing money for high interest is all they do, more then often taking advantage of their clients, changing rules as they go.

The bank employ more then often feels like it has some importance to us but the truth is that we have the same respect for banks and banks employees as we have for politics and politicians namely NONE.


The good news is that for banks we have an alternative the BITCOIN. Few weeks ago I bought myself some mBitcoins (milly Bitcoins) the value back then was about 90$, today as I write this article the value of Bitcoin is 7 919.99$ making my 90$ of mBitcoin 104.27$, so in about 2 weeks time I made 14+$ in interest (one Dollar a day) this is impressive and no bank in the world would give you that!

Take some time and learn about Bitcoin, and maybe you’ll give it a shoot. Sending Bitcoin from A to B cost next to nothing, try sending money from Brussels to London for example?!! It cost me 25Eur to send 500Eur from Romania to Brussels (bank to bank) and it took about 3 days. Bitcoin transfer is INSTANT and cost next to nothing. Bitcoin is enthusiastic and more then often people dealing in Bitcoins are friendly and keep the hopes high for this crypto currency.

There are a lot of crypto currencies out there, like Etherium, Lite Coin, Dodge Coin all possible alternatives for banks, banksters and their greed.

You can now buy Bitcoins anonymously from automatic vending machines and spend Bitcoins in lots of shops around town, watch out for the logo and experiment with a little money when you have bank will love you for this...but we could not care less!!!

Also let me know in the comments below about your new adventure, I’m also new to this so let the woo wing start:)

PS: Bitcoin is 7893,95$ since I started this article :) but I’m not scared I have faith in Bitcoin, also if you get into this I recommend not putting ridiculous amounts in (1K is good)

Have fun and keep me posted...
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