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Verge new partnership
Cryptocurrency / April 17th, 2018 3:55 pm     A+ | a-
Verge Logo

Verge has partner with PornHub thus from now on PornHub will accept XVG coins for premium membership. But there is no inventive to pay up with XVG. Actually you get less of the "product" if you pay with XVG then regular fiat.

After the announcement the market responded violently dropping the XVG price from 0.101cents to almost 0.07 cents but is now in recovery mode and will probably hit 0.09 cents soon.

Remember people, porn sells a LOT and if you make it fun and interesting you'll get even better sales.

Verge is a privacy coin and a minable coin so a lot of people with good GPU's will get in on the action (:) joke aside making the network more stable and proving that you can still buy "a product" with Cripto.

Porn is a hard word to swallow :) (funny , ha?) but as a second hand crypto Verge did what it had to do and I hope it'll pay of for them.

Stay safe and invest in whatever you can afford to loose. The Crypto is here to stay but timming is key.

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