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Future of communication
Simple LIFE / November 13th, 2017 9:09 pm     A+ | a-

The last few years big companies struggled to make big bucks out of the need of people to communicate, only to see people were not really interested to communicate all that much. Now people think they need to communicate with filters “on” so facebook is capitalizing on that big time.

I often look at the youngsters looking and swiping left right up and down on the mobile phones and wander….is that the future of communication? We easily skip a video on YouTube just to get to the core of information even though the video is implacably made. We also scroll down Facebook hungry for that fast laugh, that hilarious image, desensitizing our humor reflex, needing more and more like a drug that fails it’s purpose.


I realize we need to understand things faster and faster and reading will just leave us frustrated, we need to evolve to another level of communication. Many will argue and still drink tea and read a good book….but that type of communication is not debated here :) I’m referring strictly to brute, fast communication…and I see a trend here I see people preferring hieroglyphs(signs) then written words I see youngsters and even grown ups preferring EMOJI then written words. And why wouldn't they? In a world covered in lye, a language that is based on pure emotion would be the logical outcome …

We’ll never really know where this will lead to but this rush seems to be a less likely good sign. With all these communication tools at our fingertips we still look like idiots, missing the point, looking like we have no spine wile walking, repeating ridiculous hype words we don’t understand “selfie” “selfie-stick” “awesome”...over and over again. All this points out that technology tries to steer the society in a direction that is not really preferred but adopted without consent...maybe the future of communication is still to be explored...

November 13th, 2017 9:25 pm
Emoji communication can be tolerated, what i cannot tolerate is that they've actually went ahead and made a movie:))) ....unreal
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